The Corner

Corner bar new york The Corner Bar in Sag Harbor New York - Web Site

The Corner Bar in Sag Harbor offers the Best Burgers on the East End of Long Island. With a view onto Long Wharf and Main Street "The Corner" is considered the heart of the town.

corner bar minneapolis  The Corner Bar Minneapolis MN. - Web Site 

The Corner Bar is the perfect place for anything from a business lunch, to your next birthday party.
 Corner bar boston Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen Boston - Web Site

When you are looking for soul, spice and all that jazz, just look around the corner. Darryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen serves up great southern and comfort food and signature cocktails with a side of the best jazz in Boston. Tuesday thru Sunday, you will find a menu full of big Southern flavor, cocktails full of sublime combinations, and sounds full of rhythm and soul. Monday evenings are reserved for private events and happenings.
Corner bar largo florida Corner Bar and Grill Largo Florida - Web Site

The Corner Bar and Grill draws bikers, sports fans, aging rock n’ rollers, tattooed 20-somethings and middle aged couples sharing appetizers over beers around the rectangular bar. Above all that they cater to karaoke, seven days a week. There’s something other than beer and quesadillas that brings this diversity together: karaoke. Getting drunk and singing Sublime, Neil Diamond, U2 and Bob Marley favorites has a universal appeal.
corner bar louisana Corner Bar Lafayette Louisana - Web Site

At Corner Bar we believe that life is made up of the little moments between work and errands like laughing over a cold pint of beer with your friends and family.
Our goal is to make your "in betweens" as memorable as possible.